Lewis Deep Democracy is a cutting edge facilitation, decision making, conflict resolution and inclusive leadership methodology. It specifically aims on surfacing undercurrent, including all voices, for the main purpose of achieving breakthroughs in seemingly impossible-to-solve issues.


It is “democratic” because it emphasises that every voice matters and that decisions are wisest when majority and minority voices are both valued. It is “deep” because it goes far beyond the engagement with ideas and instead surfaces emotions, intuitions, attachments, and identify issues that make a conversation more honest and real.
Effectively managing team work and group dynamics is often not easy. Problems are often encountered in the following areas:
  • Decision making
  • Gaining real commitment to act
  • Listening and breakdown in communication
  • Openness to alternative views
  • Dealing with diversity, tension and conflict
Deep Democracy offers an innovative way of dealing with group dynamics and provides a method for making effective decisions, dealing with conflict and enabling inclusiveness.
Our team are accredited facilitators, trainers and supervisors in the Lewis Deep Democracy methodology.
  • We facilitate small/large group dialogue to discuss challenging issues, resolve interpersonal and team conflict to strengthening relationships and facilitate executive team meetings to support decision making and engagement

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Deep Democracy Programs

Deep Democracy

Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4

Designed for facilitators, coaches, consultants and trainers, the Lewis Deep Democracy program offers a series of courses equipping participants with the know-how and skill to understand relationships and group dynamics, facilitate collaborative decision making and resolving conflict. The courses are both theory and skills based and comprise a pathway from Level 1 to Level 4, with each level strengthening participants’ capabilities to facilitate group processes.

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CoResolve is a 2 day course for leaders and managers who find themselves working with interpersonal, team and client dynamics. Based on the foundation of Lewis Deep Democracy, this course gives leaders the theoretical background and experiential learning opportunities that they need to begin using the powerful tools of the Lewis Deep Democracy in their day-to-day work environments.

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Accredited Facilitator Program

Designed for facilitators, this program is aimed at enhancing the practice of facilitators by growing their understanding of group dynamics and building their skills in working with groups where there is tension and conflict and where there is a need to make effective decisions, support meaningful conversations and create opportunities for personal and societal change.

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CoAchieve focuses on developing relationship skills required in dyadic relationships where there is a power differential. It draws from Lewis Deep Democracy method as well as the practice of coaching to create a practical and effective tool kit to help leaders navigate the challenging task of developing their employees through coaching and mentoring, whilst also ensuring effective performance. CoAchieve focuses on developing the intent skills needed for leaders to deal with paradoxes inherent in the dyadic relationships with their team. CoAchieve is a learning package developed specifically for leaders who manage teams to deliver high performance.

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