Coach and Facilitator
Ipek is one of the founders of Tribe dialogue change leadership.Founded in Istanbul, expanded to UK and finally US California. Ipek helps executives,leaders, teams and organizations to work with challenging relationship dynamics, restricting patterns, conflict and resistance to enhance stronger connection, trust and collaboration. This helps her clients reach more of their wisdom, make better decisions with clarity and create high performing environments according to their definitions of success.
Ipek brings a deep understanding of organizational, relationship and human dynamics through 25+ years of experience working in and working with organizations, teams, leaders and voluntary work. She utilizes a combination of different methods like deep democracy, process psychology, organizational and relationship systems coaching, shadow work. professional coaching and positive psychology. Being the mom of three children is also one of her biggest fuels for self-awareness, growth and learning.
Ipek has extensive experience with multinational companies; working with their national and regional leaders and teams like Unilever, Siemens, Mercedes Benz Daimler, Novartis, Arcelik, Kordsa, Pfizer through leadership development programs, executive and team coaching. She has delivered trainings in various countries from Far East, Middle East to Europe and US. She is an elder teaching and coaching trainers to become accredited Deep Democracy Lewis Method Trainers in 20+ countries.
Ipek loves to explore human capacity, the nature with all its elements informing our connectedness and humanness, convergence of polarities, seeing partial truth in everything as new ways of dealing with complexity.
Specialties: Creating Spaces for Real Authentic Dialogue, Mastering Difficult Conversations, Conflict Resolution, Polarities, Transforming Shadows, Creating More Inclusion in Meetings and Decision-making processes, Enhancing Collaboration, Unlocking Potential.


Coach and Facilitator
Payam has a passion for personal learning and growth, as well as supporting and witnessing the growth of others, relationships and teams.
She brings together over 20 years of human resources, organisational development, leadership and coaching experience through various roles she held as a human capital consultant, senior HR executive, coach and facilitator. Her strength lies in her capability to understand the complex organisational dynamics as well as the deeper individual and systemic patterns that drive individual and group behavior.
She is an ICF accredited PCC level coach and accredited Deep Democracy facilitator who has extensive experience in coaching C level executives, senior leadership teams and in facilitating small to large group dialogues.


Coach and Facilitator
Çiğdem’s passion is creating a safe environment to tap individual’s and group’s wisdom and her practice is based on the belief that every system -individual or group- has a tremendous potential to change.
She is an ICF accredited PCC level coach and experienced facilitator with a diverse background in consulting and HR. Throughout her career, she has worked in major companies such as Arthur Andersen, Ernst & Young, Koç Group and Koçtaş (Kingfisher JV) over 10 years in various roles as consultant, trainer and manager.
She utilizes a broad range of approaches as a coaching practitioner and a facilitator, inspired from different schools and disciplines including Adler Learning International, Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC), Voice Dialogue, Gordon International and Deep Democracy The Lewis Method. She has extensive facilitation experience with various audience groups from C-level management teams, strategy deployment workshops to dialogue facilitation in NGO’s.