Executive Coaching

We engage with executives in a coaching conversation that
  • creates personal awareness around values, attitudes, behavioural
    and emotional patterns and how these impact their effectiveness
  • enables them to achieve personal development and learning,
  • supports them with the challenges they face in the ever changing executive reality today.
We are ICF accredited (PCC) and experienced coaches. We abide by the ICF code of ethics

Team Coaching

With our team coaching services we aim to support teams to be their best. Our customised coaching process with teams focuses on
  • establishing team purpose, values, behaviours and commitment around these
  • increasing trust in the team
  • enabling different views to be heard and conflicts to be handled effectively
  • moving from toxic to open and clean communication where difficult conversations can take place
  • helping the team to connect and to re-energize both in their relationship and around their common purpose.
We are experienced Organisational Relationship Systems Coaches (CRR) and accredited Lewis Deep Democracy facilitators


We work alongside the dynamics of and facilitate dialogue in a wide variety of organisational, social and relational contexts. Our facilitation approach enables
  • different views and emotions to be expressed and understanding among system players to be created
  • differences to be resolved and wisdom that lies within the minority is gained
  • creative solutions to be identified and buy-in around decisions is established
Alongside mainstream facilitation methods that deal with issues at the rational level, we use Deep Democracy methodology and tools to work with irrational issues that underlie the group dynamics. We experience that this combined approach enables a more sustainable impact on the system.

Leadership Development Programs

We develop leadership capability in variety of areas through our highly interactive and experiential workshops. Some of our highly sought after programs are:
  • Managing Difficult Conversations
  • CoResolve – Participative Leadership Program (powered by Lewis Deep Democracy)
  • CoAchieve – Leader as Coach Program (powered by Lewis Deep Democracy)
  • Deep Democracy Level 1-4 programs
  • Archetypal Leadership Development
All our training workshops are created and run with a coaching approach and embed theory with experiential opportunities for lasting impact.