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Leadership Coaching to Improve Organisational Climate

By September 6, 2018 No Comments
The leading company in the steel manufacturing industry had invested in its leadership development as part of a large corporate change initiative. All C-level executives and directors were assessed on their leadership competencies, leadership styles and the organisational climate they created for their teams. The assessments revealed that leaders needed to widen their leadership repertoire and improve on their organisational climate.
We coached 22 senior level executives individually over a 4 month period to help them identify what were the key areas they needed to focus on in their leadership styles and organisational climates. Our work focused on supporting each executive in 1 to 1 sessions to bring awareness around what kind of impact they wanted to create, how their current attitudes, behaviours and practices were supporting this aim and identifying ways of more effectively managing the climate they created.
For each executive the outcomes of the sessions were different. For example, for some it was an understanding of the impact of their behaviours / styles / leadership approach on the climate they created and acting proactively to effectively managing it. For others it was a deeper awareness of who they were as leaders and how the leadership role fit their ambitions.