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Leadership Development Program Design and Implementation

By September 6, 2018 No Comments
A multinational organization in the tire and reinforcement sector had a long history of investing in its leadership development. The current leadership programs had mixed reviews from employees and some program content was overlapping. Furthermore the new organisational model required that the leadership development pathways are revised to better fit the current organisational and leadership capability needs.
We reviewed all current programs as well as the new leadership capability needs. We mapped out the new leadership competency needs and identified various development approaches using 70/20/10 model. We created a development pathway with timelines depending on employee/leadership career steps and stages. Project also included documenting the vendor briefs and identifying the vendor selection criteria.
We were also commissioned to deliver several training programs to mid level leaders across 5 work sites in 4 different continents as part of the new development pathway.
The program has been rolled out globally and leaders have been going through the development programs based on their needs and experiences. The organisation is able to offer its employees with varied development opportunities from work experience to leadership exposure, from mentoring and coaching to training programs.