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Social Responsibility Project – Vocational School Mentoring Program

By September 6, 2018 No Comments
Private Sector Volunteering Association (OSGD) in Turkey initiated the Vocational Schools Mentoring Program in 2012. The program is aimed at strengthening collaboration between corporations and vocational schools as well as building the confidence of students, help them clarify their goals for the future and prepare them for their professional careers. OSGD was searching for a partner to help them design the structured mentoring program and train volunteers of this program who were employees of member organizations.
As Tribe, we designed the structured mentoring program, developed guidebooks for mentors to carry out the mentoring program with the students in the schools. We also designed and delivered training programs for the volunteer mentors from the private sector organizations on how to mentor the students. Over the 7 years since we have been partnering in this program, we trained over 1,300 mentors and have reached approximately 10,000 students through these mentors.
The program has been rolled out within 60 private sector organizations in 15 cities in Turkey and has impacted 10,000 students in 116 vocational schools. Assessment of the program performance indicates that student confidence levels have been increased through participation in the program and significant number of students have been hired to work in the private organizations who have supported their mentorship or chose to continue their education in a university.