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We Are Tribe

We are a team of highly experienced coaches and facilitators. Our strength is driven from our 70+ years of combined experience in different arenas of work and our enthusiasm to create an impact in individuals’, teams’ and organizations’ lives . We are passionate about creating dialogue in the fire of conflict, facilitating change in the face of resistance, and supporting leaders to own their leadership through awareness.
We are based in 3 locations Irvine-California, London, Istanbul.

What We Do

Our focus is to improve dialogue, facilitate change and strengthen leadership in relationships and organizations.

Improve Dialogue

We work with teams and organisations to
  • deal with existing trust issues
  • breakdown the barriers to communication
  • resolve tension and conflict among people
  • make sure critical dialogues take place and better decisions are made
  • build commitment and increase effectiveness

Facilitate Change

We support systems going through change by
  • working with resistances
  • enabling different views and emotions to be voiced
  • facilitating dialogue between different levels of the organisation
  • building capability for participative decision making and buy-in
  • helping honour the old and build energy for the new
  • encouraging dreaming for what is possible

Strengthen Leadership

We coach and train leaders to
  • increase their leadership awareness
  • support them to make conscious decisions on their leadership style and the impact they want to create
  • grow their capability in managing their teams and other organisational relationships better
  • support them to both realize short term results and create long-term impact

Our Services

We improve dialogue, facilitate change and strengthen leadership through a variety of services.
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Executive Coaching

We engage with executives in coaching conversations that support their leadership.

Team Coaching

With our team coaching services we aim to support teams to be their best.


We work alongside the dymanics of and facilitate dialogue in a wide variety of organizational, social and relational contexts.

Leadership Development Programs

We develop leadership capability in variety of areas through our highly interactive and experiential workshops.

Deep Democracy

Lewis Deep Democracy is a cutting edge facilitation, decision making, conflict resolution and inclusive leadership methodology.

It specifically aims on surfacing undercurrent, including all voices, for the main purpose of achieving breakthroughs in seemingly impossible-to-solve issues.

Our Clients

We have the privilege of working with executives and teams within organizations of all shapes and sizes. We take great pleasure in the success their hard work has brought and are honored to share a few select stories. We are also devoted to give back to our community through engaging in different social responsibility projects.


“I called in Tribe and their founder, Ipek, when I was needing help with creating deeper trust and stronger relationships in my team of highly professional R&D people. Ipek uses impactful techniques to ensure people go into deep dialogues with each other – saying things they would never dream of saying out loud, in a safe environment. It’s not only the unique techniques that make Ipek special, it is her innate talent for making deep, personal connections fast. She therefor makes a big impact straight away. The team spirit improved, lasted, and led to better results. I highly recommend Ipek and her team if you want to build stronger, more resilient teams or need impactful personal coaching for yourself or your talents.”

— Peter Schrooyen, R&D VP, Unilever China

“We are working with Ipek since 5 years for our local and global training needs, namely in Turkey, Asia Pacific Region and South America Region around conflict resolution and leadership development. She is a dedicated coach and trainer who brings our teams high energy and harmony. Thanks to her conflict resolution and deep democracy expertise and extensive experience; she is a trusted partner, whom we know will engage any group and deliver skill set of the training whatever the group dynamics are. Most shared feedback about her is her authenticity, positive energy, her strong and loving presence.”

— Miray GonulsenKordsa Global, Global Training Team Leader


“Methodology is a nonliving theory whereas practice is the body with soul. I am interested in personal development since 2013 and attended in many workshops. The ones with Ipek such as CIYO, Shadow Work and Deep Democracy are the most effective ones. She dresses up the theory in such a passionate and energetic way that you feel like you work with something alive-of who turns out to be yourself all the time. My experiences with her were so powerful, I decided to cooperate with her at the farm where I’m married to my partner. So the leadership coaching evolved into relationship coaching which led my relationship with my husband/partner onto a whole new level and continued by team coaching with the workers of the farm. She changed our perspectives of conflict, relating with one another, and truly seeing each other with new eyes. ”

— Aysun The SutcuOwner, Gundonumu Farm

“Over the years we have worked with Ipek with different management levels on building better inclusion, and as a facilitator in our remote working teams for better team work. As I wanted to improve my facilitation skills while managing my team, I joined her deep democracy training. The simplicity of the process and the power delivered by just being able to voice my own voices has made a significant impact on how I communicate and manage any meeting. Aside from the content, Ipek’s soft but strong challenges and her ability to articulate openly what she heard reading between the lines showed people that she walks the talk and they have been able to experience the impacts of the tools. This is an invaluable method for people and teams…”

— Irem OzbalyalıUnilever, HR Director Change and Communications

Sample Works

Sample Works
September 6, 2018

Social Responsibility Project – Vocational School Mentoring Program

CONTEXT: Private Sector Volunteering Association (OSGD) in Turkey initiated the Vocational Schools Mentoring Program in 2012. The program is aimed at strengthening collaboration between corporations and vocational schools as well…
Sample Works
September 6, 2018

Leadership Development Program Design and Implementation

CONTEXT: A multinational organization in the tire and reinforcement sector had a long history of investing in its leadership development. The current leadership programs had mixed reviews from employees and…
Sample Works
September 6, 2018

Team Coaching for Better Alignment and Collaboration

CONTEXT: The leader of a regional foods R&D team in a global FMCG company, expressed her need to bring her team together, increase collaboration and synergy to become one team.…
Sample Works
September 6, 2018

Leadership Coaching to Improve Organisational Climate

CONTEXT: The leading company in the steel manufacturing industry had invested in its leadership development as part of a large corporate change initiative. All C-level executives and directors were assessed…


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